Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New path for everything...

So, I haven't been here in a few months I think maybe almost a year, and boy have some things changed and hell some have stayed the same,  but today is all about new things, experiences and new ways or roads I'm going to take with both blogs and my channels.


For those of you who don't know I have two channels and two blogs, two of them in english and two of them in spanish.  All four of them have been about beauty for most of the time, and I think is time we change that, beauty is great and even though is one of my biggest passions, I feel like I'm not putting everything I can out in the world.


You see, a few weeks (months) ago I read a phrase on tumblr that said "be the person you  needed when you were younger" and that really resonated with me and where I want to take my channels and blog into, not just into a channel/blog that talks about outer beauty, but a place where I can share experiences, talk about topics that are important to me and to you guys,  like eating disorders, anxiety, love, confidence, anything really that matters.


I want this to take this to different places where you can come here when you want to hear funny stories, or talk about a serious matter, if you are sad you can come here and if you are happy and want to share something you can come here too, I just want to change this into something I want to be even more proud of, and feel like I can inspire at least one person into seeing the world a little bit different and love it just a little bit more, I just want to make this a place where I feel happy to come to, and a place where you will feel happy to come to as well, so if you have any topics or any questions about ANYTHING let me know, so I can make a video/blog about it!


And get ready starting now, we are getting candid, honest and very open about things, so you can expect tears, laughter, seriousness and many other feelings being shared through the internet and on the way to get you!








Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting healthy, my path to a different lifestyle with Tone It Up! #Toneitup #TIUChallenge

Today is the day, that was my first thought when I woke up this morning, yesterday, will on Sunday I subscribed to Tone It Up, I bought the bundle and several different Nutrition Plans they have. For a while I've been doing their exercises videos on Youtube, and to be honest they have really helped me, and I have changed a little bit, didn't really loose weight because I wasn't on a diet, but now, everything is going to change, you know the quote "New year, New you", well that's kind of my motto for this year, I want to really change, not just say it or do it because I'm told to. 

Since I'm still waiting for the Bundle, I have already started with the exercise and the Nutrition plan, I'm really excited about it, maybe is the fact that I'm actually doing it, even if it is one day, or the fact that no one had to tell me I needed to loose weight, which to be completely real with you, it normally happens every freaking day in my house; my mom and my dad, god bless them, think the best way to get me to loose weight is to keep telling me that I'm overweight, which by the way, it doesn't help me in anyway and it actually makes me angry and I tend to eat more. So I keep telling them to back off, but they actually never listen. 

Here's the thing, I've been watching them (TIU TEAM) for a while now, and I have always loved their bubbly personalities and energy they show on camera, that has always really attracted me to their videos and web page, finally I decided to join and see the community. The girls supporting each other, incredible changes and many other things that I've looked for but never really found. Today I got to download all the exclusive workouts and nutrition plans that I bought, and it is a little overwhelming probably because I bought all of them, but the way they describe the workouts, the videos, the recipes (to die for) everything makes me excited about the challenge, about the fact that I can actually change my life, also, reading their stories, Karena and Katrina, the drugs, the chubby little girl, it made me relate to them (I don't do drugs, lets just get that out there) in more ways than one. It made me loved them even more, it made me want to change for the best, like they did.

Now, one of the things that I love about TIU is the community, the way everyone is there for each other, sharing pictures, recipes, dreams, goals, I loved it! one of the things the girls say to you is to promise yourself "something that your heart feels and wants", and to write it down, also they tell you to set your 5 goals for the challenge, so I'm writing them down, now, because I might forget...
  • Since I can remember, I've always been overweight, I've tried around 100 different diets, shakes, and everything in between and nothing has really work in making me change for real, so what I really want is to GET HEALTHY, yep you guessed it, making a lifestyle, a healthy one, not for my parents, not for a guy (btw, I don't think you should change for anyone) I just want to do it for me, to get a better and longer life, to get confident, I want to see myself in a mirror put on a bikini and not been afraid or ashamed of myself, I want to be happy on my own skin, I want to follow my dreams, and to do it, I need time, and self confidence, loving myself, which in the weight and unhealthy lifestyle I'm on, I'm not going to get there anytime, so that is my promise, changing the unhealthy freaking lifestyle that I'm on to a Healthy lifestyle, by basically loving myself.
For goals:
  • Get better in physical ways, get more exercise in, maybe not just that but to get a better physical... something I forgot the word, but you now, basically get my ass out of the couch and get moving.
  • loose weight, loads of it, but I'll probably do more than one challenge to actually do it.
  • Get confidence, sometimes when I'm exercising I don't feel good, because the clothes don't fit me, I'm out of breathe, I want to change that, also, the way I feel when I look at myself or a picture or anything...
  • I want to learn how to eat healthy.
  • Actually doing the exercises, all of them, pushing myself to the limit, I think that's the biggest one! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Marya Zamora Rewind of 2015

So last year was full with incredible, sad, awesome, heartbreaking situations, of stupid mistakes and other things, most of them good and the others, well you get to learn from them.

2015 for me was the year of getting confident, getting to know myself in was that I didn't know I could and moving forward in ways that I normally don't do.

Ok so to start of January, I met this awesome band Moonlight Dub Xperiment, they are a pretty big band, that is a reggae dub mixed with other different styles, I started working with them, but by October I was already out of the band, either way I liked spending time with them, and i got to learn a thing or two, talking about bands; the one band that've stayed with they are called Evolet, and they are an indie-rock band, which is more my style, and to be honest the concerts with them, they are pretty awesome!

In a career perspective, when it comes to makeup, well I had the incredible experience of being in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week San José, here in Costa Rica, by obviously being one of the makeup artists, I got to meet incredible people, and I got to experience something I never had before. Also I just finished my career, well the classes, now I only have the practical part of it but it will only last for four months, so that's cool.

And to my incredible surprise I hit 300 Subscribers on my English Channel Marya Zamora YT Channel, which was my goal for 2015, and that made me so happy and I cried like the little baby that I am, so Thank you for giving me the gift of enjoying sharing my life with you guys!

When it comes to a personal level, well a lot of thing happened, realising that some part of me grew form the little insecure little girl and no it only cares about what I want to do with myself and if I want to get better, it's my own decision no matter who and why they are telling me what the hell to do with my body. My own promise, self confidence, fat shaming

Another happy thing that happened to me, was definitely getting in acting class, I've met so many amazing people from that class and I'm so happy to have them in my life. Also most of them became really good friends with me and we've had an incredible time getting to know each other and working in things like the pop art zombie pictures!

When it comes to my family, happy and sadness hit us in every single way, one of my uncles got cancer, and to be honest the worst thing about it was seeing my mom cry, she was devastated, but thankfully he came through and recovered, pray he doesn't get it back.

But form the really sad part, that to be honest I didn't know how to handle it, my grandfather died, he had cancer too, but he didn't survive it, again seeing my father cry was the worst part, look I know it sounds bad, but my grandpa, with he's loving and careful ways, he was gone, there's nothing I could do about it, but my dad, hey seeing your parents and any member of your family cry, believe me it will crush your soul. I just pray my grandpa is happy and watching over, with the rest of the members that are gone.

To be real, happiness was everywhere this year, even in the sad moments, there was always a silver lining, a way for us, for me to learn and discover new things, new ways of doing, control and confronting situations, that no matter how hard they were, they made grow and become the 23 year old that I am now, so Thank You 2015, for giving the experiences that I needed to become a better person, to make me grow as a human being, to fight for what I believe in and for giving me another 365 days to enjoy, 2016, bitch I hope this year, I'll fulfil a lot of my dreams!

I hope you guys have an incredible 2016 and as my life motto says: "Dream without limits, Keep moving forward, Love Yourself First" (yes, I didn't invented them)

Taken from Pinterest.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pink Smokey Eyes || Marya Zamora

Apply the eyeshadow base of your choice to your eyes.

Apply Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Cupcake on the eyelid and crease and blend it out.
Apply Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Country Girl to the eyelid
Apply Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Beaches & Cream underneath the eyebrow and brow bone.
Apply MAC Eyeshadow in Retrospeck to the center of the eyelid.
Apply a thin line of Eyeliner and Smoke it out with MAC Eyeshadow in Embark.

For the Lower Lash line:
Apply Cupcake and blend it out, making it the transitional color then apply Country Girl closer to the lower lash line.
Apply Nude pencil to the bottom lash line
Apply mascara of choice.

If you want to see my Foundation Routine and this is the blog for it Blog: Foundation Routine with more tips & tricks.
For contour I used the Anastasia Contour Kit Color in Fawn, here's a Blog Review: Anastasia Contour Kit
For blush and a natural flush to the skin I used Sleek Makeup Blush in Suede and here's a One Brand Review: Sleek Make Up
And finally as a Highlighter I used the NARS Albatross Highlighter.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bringing Make Up to Costa Rica || Marya Zamora

Ok, so a lot of you have asked me how I order from USA or Europe and get it to Costa Rica, honestly it's pretty simple and easy. A lot of people get scared about it, but honestly it's not scary at all but you do have to be careful!.

So here are my tips:

1. Look around for products that you want or may need, look through the internet there are millions of websites where you can look up reviews of products and see it work, so decide what you want and why you want it.
2. Look for different prices, different opinions on the products, and start saving some money (not necessary) this way, you can have some time deciding what you want.
3. have in mind what you want to buy, it's easier this way since you just go right into what you want and don't get overwhelmed with the amount of products and start buying everything on the website.
4. When it comes to bringing the makeup from USA to C.R, you'll need a locker, actually not necessarily but it is better and more secure,  that way you get free 3 day shipping from most of the websites to the locker and then from the locker it gets to C.R, normally they charge the weight of the box where your products are in and the prices depends on the weight obviously.
here are some of the ones I use!


5. From Europe to C.R, normally I get the product directly to Costa Rica, because it gets more expensive if I get to USA, so that is where Correos de Costa Rica comes in handy, it lasts longer, probably, but it still secure (at least I haven't got in any trouble).

So, yeah, those are my tips, check the video because I say a lot more things about this topic, anyway I hope you like it!.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Anastasia Contour Kit Review

Ok, so the last two months or so I have been trying this new palette, I've applied it on myself and on my clients, to make sure I get to see it on different skins and colors.

The ACK comes with six different shades, three of them Highlighters and the other three are contour and bronzing powders. I'm pretty sure the palettes comes in two maybe three different shades, and you can also get the powders individually.

The names of the powders on the top row are: Vanilla, Banana and Sand.
The names of the powders on bottom row are: Java, Fawn, Havana.

To give pointers to this palette, it is amazing, it's not extremely pigmented to where you apply the Banana shade and have a yellow streak down your eyes, but it still covers enough to get a beautiful look to the skin, also you can build the powders, I have done this several times on my clients because it's better to star with little and go all out.


Sand: This is a pink shimmery highlighter, it looks better on pale skin color, but medium toned people can still work it. It is pigmented enough for it to be noticeable, but it's not BOOM! In your face.
Banana: This color is perfect for highlighting the under eye area, the yellow tone makes the darkness of the under eye go away, without it looking gosthly, which can happen with other powders.
Vanilla: This powder as a slight sheen to it, but it still works perfectly to apply to the under eye area, it has a peachy tone, so it is perfect to make yourself look flawless.
Normally I mix Banana and Vanilla to apply underneath my eyes, I find it has the best tone for me, and most of my clients.


Havana: This is the perfect shade of matte to give you a slight bronze to the skin, yet still keeping it matte .
Fawn: Perfect for contouring, this is a color of brown with grey mixed into it that makes the perfect shadow to put underneath your cheekbones.
Java: Great to give contour and make you bronze-y at the same time, I prefer to use this one when I want a more natural conotur on me and my clients, just because it's less grey on the skin.