Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The beginnings of a Makeup Artist

In this beautiful day here in Costa Rica i got a little inspired to talk about what it's (to me) to be a Make up Artist and for that I have to tell you a little bit about myself. this is probably going to be one of the biggest blogs I'll ever write, just because I want you to know me. 

My Story: The beginnings of an "Artist"

When I was a little girl I wasn't really interested in Make Up or beauty or anything like that, I was into playing with dirt and being outside and eating.. ANYTHING.. I was kind of a tomboy, and i think I'm always going to be, but anyway I do know I was always interested in arts like dancing, singing, theater, anything really were I could just let loose.
I was always the girl that danced, sang, scream, and did a lot of stupid and funny things anywhere she wanted (seriously) without having to think about what other people were saying about me. That and being overweight made people think they had a right to make fun of me, which honestly it was just stupid. 

That's me :D... with a bag of candy :D.. and that is my face that i do when i have candy .. to this day :D 

Moving on to the important things, being "bullied" in school and high school made me want to be in art (-sy) kind of things even more, even though i actually never really learn to play guitar, piano, or anything like that i did experience singing and theater and they are probably to of the things that i love the most. 
I started getting into nail polishes when I was about 9 years old, but my father as the traditional men he is never really allowed me to wear crazy colors on my nails, until my mom kind of allowed me (she bought me the colors) and my dad just gave up. For makeup I stated when i was about 15, but not really wearing makeup, it was more about watching videos on youtube, and wanting to be like them. when i was about 16 or maybe 17 i starting putting makeup on, like really putting it on, and in that moment I went crazy buying makeup :)
Now to the real thing, when I was 18 I decided that I wanted to do something that was included in beauty, but i didn't wanted to disappoint my parents by choosing a career that i know, even when they say that they support me, they wouldn't be that happy about it, so anyway I started looking for makeup schools (infinity of them, BTW) while I was studying Hotel management, which didn't worked AT ALL for me... I only lasted a quarter and decided to leave it, then I went on a makeup course here in Costa Rica, and I knew that things they teach me, but I learned a few things that I didn't know. 
Anyway since in that moment i didn't know what to do with my life, i went to work with the producer company that I now work for, I wanted to get in uni and study filmmaking, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea, besides I wanted to know the field more before I went in a 100 percent. In this place a women that works with them told me that her daughter was going to study makeup in london, so  asked her where and how and all the important things. After hearing all of the answers to my questions I talk to my parents, and in that moment it was a big and round no, fast forward about a year and a half I was studying Criminology, i love it and always will, but here it is not really the best choice, and my dad told me that they're sending me to london, so obviously I WENT MENTAL!  a few months from that I was able to talk to the school and I was able to go to The London School of Media Make Up, so finally I went to London the first two weeks with my mom, she wanted to check who I was staying with and see london at the same time (she is a smart woman)  
 and the next 6 months I was by myself, and obviously that family that I lived with. And the next week from that I was starting the makeup course and 12 weeks later I became a Make Up Artist, now my experiences and how I feel about my job will be in another blog!


Hope you enjoyed it :D