Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sleek Palettes (in my Collection)

Hi Everybody
So today is quite an exciting "review" -ish type of blog, i recently went on a crazy buying make up spree and I decided to get more palettes from sleek, so without any further do, here it is.

Just like a general review on the palettes, they are super pigmented, creamy eyeshadows, some of them do fall down a bit, but if you actually pat them on the eye instead of brushing them, the pigments stays put and it looks better, most of the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and some are not (mostly the grey color, you'll be able to judge) nevertheless price range and quality range these palettes are a Must have!

 Very soft romantic colors, great for weddings or dates (gold, rose gold, pinks, purples), Highly pigmented, most of the eyeshadows are shimmery or satin, only one or two mattes.

 Great Palette for summer and spring time, beautiful selection of shades, good combo between mattes and shimmers and pigmentation wise, it is amazing.

 You want the bad girl (riri) look, this is definetly your palette, blues, grays, black, silver and purple combined all in one to make the perfect smokey eye

 You like the boho look, this palette is great for everyday natural makeup and great for the pop of color. lots of earthy tones

 I'm carrying this palette everywhere with me, has every matte shade i'll need and they are pretty pigmented.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Prom Season Tips

I think we all remember our time when we were on high school, and everything was about prom,  and watching Prom from Disney, just makes us remember what those times were like, all the buzz and the excitement for one unforgettable night, and that is exactly why I wanted to post this, just to help, any girl that is about to have that experience.

To any girl out there that is about to go to prom:
First of all: Good Luck, enjoy every single bit of it, take as much pictures as you can, and honestly just breathe! Second when it comes to makeup here you have some tips for it!

1. If you are doing your own makeup, practice it before time, at least a week before, that way you'll know if you need to change something, buy something and explore different ways of application.
2. Don't try to go for something really dramatic, sometimes when you are not used to using a lot of makeup and haven't practice that much, you can feel uncomfortable with the makeup and probably not going to enjoy the night.
3. Again, if you are putting on fake lashes, please practice before hand, believe it is not pretty when your first time using and applying lashes is one of the biggest days of your life so far.

Now, when actually getting your makeup done by a MUA, make sure to tell them what you are use to and what you like, and ask them questions about what ideas they have to put on your beautiful face.
Somethings you definitely need to tell the MUA, it doesn't matter if they'll ask or not.
1. Your dress: the color, type of dress, it is better if you have a picture of the dress and you wearing it. 
2. Accessories you are wearing and the colors that you'll have on you. 
3. How you are most comfortable, it is a guide to every Make Up Artist on how heavy handed they can go and actually it will give a better idea on the drama that you can take and feel good with.
4. I f you have any ideas or pictures of what you want your makeup to look like, go ahead and show them, try to have a  very detail picture, it is better to anyone if you can actually what is happening and not having to guess if it's right or wrong.

Something that you might be interested in:

The most asked for Makeup look are Smokey eyes.. surprised right, now just a little disclaimer, smokey eyes is the look that goes from darker tones on the lashline to lighter colors to the browbone, and the gradual look, that is almost the one that everybody does, is gradual from the lighter color in the inner corner to the darker color on the outer corner.  Most of the colors that are asked for are gold, rose gold, bronze or silver.
Someone, somewhere will ask for pop of color, it can be done to different places, and if you feel comfortable enough wearing colored eyeshadows, try some different look, that actually complement the dress, the accessories and the hair do 

Hope you'll have a wonderful Prom,
see you soon
Marya Zamora