Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sleek Palettes (in my Collection)

Hi Everybody
So today is quite an exciting "review" -ish type of blog, i recently went on a crazy buying make up spree and I decided to get more palettes from sleek, so without any further do, here it is.

Just like a general review on the palettes, they are super pigmented, creamy eyeshadows, some of them do fall down a bit, but if you actually pat them on the eye instead of brushing them, the pigments stays put and it looks better, most of the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and some are not (mostly the grey color, you'll be able to judge) nevertheless price range and quality range these palettes are a Must have!

 Very soft romantic colors, great for weddings or dates (gold, rose gold, pinks, purples), Highly pigmented, most of the eyeshadows are shimmery or satin, only one or two mattes.

 Great Palette for summer and spring time, beautiful selection of shades, good combo between mattes and shimmers and pigmentation wise, it is amazing.

 You want the bad girl (riri) look, this is definetly your palette, blues, grays, black, silver and purple combined all in one to make the perfect smokey eye

 You like the boho look, this palette is great for everyday natural makeup and great for the pop of color. lots of earthy tones

 I'm carrying this palette everywhere with me, has every matte shade i'll need and they are pretty pigmented.

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