Monday, May 5, 2014

Make Up Mistakes everyone has done...

Working as a make up artist working with different people is so normal, it ranges from super models, actresses, singers to "normal" people, you know, those ones that don't have a Hollywood-ish life. Upon this, some of them have no idea how to apply make up and some of them do, I have seen these mistakes all over the place, so I decided to gather all of them together in one single place and tell you how to prevent or fix them as well!

I'm dividing them in categories to make it easier for all of you, and me :D

PROBLEM: Not washing your beautiful Face (Day and Night)
Washing your face is one of the best things you can do to improve your skin, first of all it helps with your blood flow, second of all gets ride of all the make up, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and any built up that maybe in your skin, helping your skin no to get clog pores, and it will clear up your skin but you have to keep it up!
SOLUTION: In the morning, while you are in the shower, wash your face with a mild face wash, if you want you can scrub depending on your skin, obviously and depending if you washing it day or night time. 

PROBLEM: Not applying sunscreen
Now, I think this is one of the worst ones UV Rays are known for giving us cancer and knowing this we still go out to the sun without protection! Like what the Hell is wrong with us? 
SOLUTION: Apply the freaking sunscreen to your face and body, about 15 minutes before going out, or after washing your face apply sunscreen, get dressed and then you'll let the sunscreen sunk in and then you'll be able to apply your make up regularly. 

PROBLEM: the beautiful mark(line) between your neck color and your foundation color
This has happen to at least 9 out of 10 of us, and is that line that when you apply a darker or lighter foundation and you don't blend it down your neck. When this happens it is obvious that you don't match and that you are wearing foundation, even though we want to look made up we don't want it to be that noticeable, that is why we use the "no make up" make up look...
SOLUTION: try to match your foundation color to your neck, even if your pale on your face, this will help with the blending and if you don't do this, always and I mean ALWAYS blend your foundation down to your neck, that way it will look more natural.

PROBLEM: Too much Foundation (cake-y face)
Many of us suffer from this chronicle disease of try to make our face a complete blank canvas with foundation, and let me tell you, we are WRONG! Foundation was made to even out the skin color, not to completely cover our acne, our scars and our imperfections, and to those of you that want to cover up freckles, what the hell? I have you seen how many models have freckles and they look gorgeous, so do you!
SOLUTION: if you have imperfections to cover up, like acne or acne scaring, better use a small amount of your foundation to even your skin tone and redness and then apply concealer (pin pointing your acne) to your problematics area, or you can also apply your foundation all over your face, and apply a smaller amount to the problematic area and then powder over it. Also, try to keep your brushes clean after every application.

PROBLEM: Applying way too much powder
When setting the foundation, some tend to apply way too much making the face look like the jokers face, without the creepy smile and it doesn't look good, at all.
SOLUTION: Only apply powder to the areas where you get really oily and underneath your eyes to set the under-eye concealer.

PROBLEM: Too much blush and not blended
Sometimes when we are in a rush we tend to apply everything so fast that we forget how to apply it and to blend it, it happens as well when we have bad lighting, Believe me! and then when we are in our car we realize we look like Heidi, which is just plain bad, and it ruins our day, at least it does to me...
SOLUTION: when applying the blush use a light hand, and try to only apply the blush to the tip of the brush and then blend it with the rest of the brush when applied to the face, if you apply too much (and you actually get to see it before you go out), blend it out with your powder brush. 
P.D: if you get into your car and you realize your blush is just too much, try to blend it out with your fingers.

PROBLEM: contour your face with an orange-y and shimmery powder
Happens to everyone, is OK if you try to make your face a bit bronzed and warm, but actually trying to make the shadows on your face with a warm and shimmery powder won't do the job and it will actually make you look like snooki.
SOLUTION: if you want to warm up your complexion go ahead and use that shimmery bronzer, but if you want to use something to contour try to look for a cool tone brown, it will make it look more realistic. 

PROBLEM: Looking like a Disco Ball
Just... don't, if you are using highlighter apply it ONLY  to the places that you want to highlight or make more prominent, like the highest part of your cheekbones going up to your brow bone, tip of the nose or bridge of the nose if you prefer, the cupid's bow, just those...

PROBLEM: Not filled in enough
I have seen this on almost everyone I have worked on, they don't fill in their eyebrows, why? I'm not really sure, but this is a necessity it frames your face, and it completes your look, sometimes when the eyebrow are not done, you might look like your eyebrows are disappearing! 
SOLUTION: Fill in your eyebrows, lightly if you are not used to bold eyebrows and even if you have bold eyebrows fill any bald spots that you may have, seriously it will make a difference and it will make you look even more beautiful!

PROBLEM: Overdrawn eyebrows...
For me, this is just a don't, honestly fill in lightly your eyebrows, unless you really need to draw your eyebrows because they are basically nonexistent, drawing your eyebrows so hard with a pencil will only make your look hard and probably will make you look older than you are.
SOLUTION: again, fill them in slightly, you can do it with a pencil, powder, or a pomade, but be careful when applying, you want it to look natural, not like you are a painting.

PROBLEM: Not enough blending
This has happen to me, let me tell you, doing a smokey eye and not being able to blend the black color has happen to all of us. Sometimes it looks like a cut crease, but sometimes it just looks bad and patchy which is definitely something we don't want.
SOLUTION: When applying different eyeshadows blend as you go, try to keep your brushes clean, and most important, practice makes perfect, keep on trying you'll get there!

this photo pretty much sums everything!
BTW, it was before i studied makeup!