Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New path for everything...

So, I haven't been here in a few months I think maybe almost a year, and boy have some things changed and hell some have stayed the same,  but today is all about new things, experiences and new ways or roads I'm going to take with both blogs and my channels.


For those of you who don't know I have two channels and two blogs, two of them in english and two of them in spanish.  All four of them have been about beauty for most of the time, and I think is time we change that, beauty is great and even though is one of my biggest passions, I feel like I'm not putting everything I can out in the world.


You see, a few weeks (months) ago I read a phrase on tumblr that said "be the person you  needed when you were younger" and that really resonated with me and where I want to take my channels and blog into, not just into a channel/blog that talks about outer beauty, but a place where I can share experiences, talk about topics that are important to me and to you guys,  like eating disorders, anxiety, love, confidence, anything really that matters.


I want this to take this to different places where you can come here when you want to hear funny stories, or talk about a serious matter, if you are sad you can come here and if you are happy and want to share something you can come here too, I just want to change this into something I want to be even more proud of, and feel like I can inspire at least one person into seeing the world a little bit different and love it just a little bit more, I just want to make this a place where I feel happy to come to, and a place where you will feel happy to come to as well, so if you have any topics or any questions about ANYTHING let me know, so I can make a video/blog about it!


And get ready starting now, we are getting candid, honest and very open about things, so you can expect tears, laughter, seriousness and many other feelings being shared through the internet and on the way to get you!