Thursday, November 15, 2012

Urban Decay: Naked 2 Palette Review


Hi everyone, today i wanted to do a review on the Urban Decay: Naked 2 palette, i bought this when i was in London and let me tell you i have been using it for a bit of time, and i couldn't be happier about it, it's the most versatile palette, easy to carry on inside your makeup bag, purse even though you are not going to need to put on more makeup!

 As you'll be able to see, the UD: Naked 2 palette has its own makeup brush (it is double sided) which is actually really helpful and good, believe me you won't need any other brush. It also has it has a lipgloss that looks good with any eye look you do with this palette.

 The colors are highly pigmented even the lightest colors, the only down-side to this palette its that it does has a lot of fall-down, if you do your eyes first it won't be that difficult to take of any eyeshadow that falls down but if you have your foundation and everything else done, you'll be with a racoon face, so better to prevent than to regret!

The colors are: (right to left)
Foxy, this is the lightest color, is a light yellow-ish eyeshadow, obviously for highlighting.
Half Baked, golden shimmer eyeshadow, it has a slight pink undertone but it is not really noticeable.
Bootycall, another highlighting shade, shimmery pink shade, perfect for the corners of the eye to open them.
Chopper, this is a rose gold shimmery eyeshadow, want a different look definately used that color instead of the gold.
Tease, crease color, brown-ish and mauve-ish eyeshadow, matte color.
Snakebite, another color to define the eye, you can use it as a crease or lid color, it's a shimmery brown color, perfectoto do a dramatic smokey eye without using black.
Suspect, this is not an easy color to describe, it is a light rose gold color, shimmery eyeshadow, with green, yellow undertone, not easy to see the undertones unless you put a lot of attention to it.
Pistol,this is a light shimmery gray color, another perfect color to define your eyes with a smokey eye without using black all over the eyes.
Verve, this is a shimmery light silver  with pink undertones.
YDK,mauve,pink and gold eyeshadow, beautiful shimmery color eyeshadow one of my personal favorites, use it on the lid and blend it out it looks really good.
Busted, dark brown, perfect for defining the crease, it has a satin finish, again perfect for a smokey eye.
Blackout. this is a black matte eyeshadow, not much to say it about except the fact that it is the one that has the most fall down of all of them!

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