Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Being A Make Up Artist

As I said in my previous blog, I've always liked to be myself and being able to express how i feel or my creativity in different ways. In life you come to different points when you realize what you want, what you don't want, what you like and prefer, what you dislike, among other things you discover a lot of things about yourself and whatever else is surrounding you.
Make Up Artistry has helped grown as a woman that knows how and why she wants situations to go a certain way, as a person with feelings and able have more "social skills" and has made me grow as a creative person.

When I began working in London,  i loved what i was doing, and honestly I still love it, but it was in those small and detailed moments when I realized what I loved, hated, disagreed or agreed with. In all honesty I don't know if anybody that reads this has ever had that experience, but if you have had that experience you probably understand when i say that any moment where you just get a chance to smile because you are proud, happy or surprised by the outcome of your hard work is when anybody can realize that, you just belong there and that is really where you are supposed to be.

Now, with the "real" topic of this blog, being a MUA, is just unutterable, you get so many feelings at the same time (keep in mind this is my opinion and my feelings), is exciting, is fun, is unpredictable, you need to feel the passion and adrenaline running through your body, is competitive, whether it is full time or part time you need to be always alert of details (tiny details, the camera sees EVERYTHING!) you need to keep updating your studies, and need to follow trends "fashion, hair, nails, makeup" (is not a bad life ;)) and the most important of all, besides the talent and passion, you need to be PATIENT, and let me tell you, this is NOT just for this career, in anything in life you will need to be patient, and believe me ( I'm the worst to say this, i'm anxious and inpatient -.-) you'll learn to be patient and it can be in a bad way or an easy way...

When it comes to the job itself, as  I said before is unutterable there are so many things running through your mind to get it to be perfect, get it in time, but it is always comforting to know that every run trial, and every thought, and everything you put effort on actually makes somebody, in my case the crew, the client and the director, HAPPY. To make this blog shorter I'm just going to pinpoint what i like and what i don't like of being a MUA

Starting with the "dislikes"

  • Payment, maybe is just me or just my country, but when it comes to beauty makeup nobody wants to pay because is to "expensive"and when it comes to my case I brought products from London to work on my clients, anyway, in the "publicity" part the money is not bad, but it could be better, and it may sound like I only care about the money, but honestly money pays the products, it pays gas, and taxes... so yes we all need the money.
  • Now, this might be a touchy-touchy topic, but i CAN'T stand arrogant people, I have known people my whole life that have everything that they could need and they are humble, but sometimes models, actor or actresses think that they are the best thing on the world and that nobody can compare to them, and in my case it has always being models that think they are so beautiful and so perfect they put down anybody. Anyway who can stand that?
  • Now, this one is not such a problem for me, but i do know that i can be annoying sometimes: THE "EXTRA EXTRA"HOURS, now it really doesn't bother me to stay longer to finish a scene because i have waaaaaaaay to much energy in my body and i have insomnia (don't ask I was born like that) but I know that sometimes over-working your mind and your body can be dangerous, there are actually a few rules that apply for this, so that they can be at least 8 hours of rest for the whole crew, so don't worry that much.

and finally the "LIKES"
  • In beauty MUA, you can make a person change the way they feel about themselves, or at least make them feel better, and I love that, and it is not just about the makeup is about telling people what they have that makes them beautiful, I think that is a beautiful reason.
  • Meeting new people, if I could tell how many times I became friends of the people that hire me to do Make Up, I love the fact that you can make new friends specially the crew becomes really close, and the best part you get to meet more potential clients, and you get to meet actors, singers,   and just a lot of really cool people.
  • The different experiences and memories you make while working and after you finish working, i think it is self explanatory but still you get to hang out hear stories, and enjoy while you work.
  • I think this is the most important one of them all, watching the whole thing be recorded and watching the final product, those are the moments when you say to yourself " wow, everything was actually worth it", and that makes everything feel sooo good!

So, I hope you guys enjoy what it is like to be a Make Up Artist from my point of view :D

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