Sunday, February 23, 2014

Different Eyeliner Looks

Hello Everyone!
Today I wanted to do something to explain different types of looks when wearing eyeliner, most of us line our eye almost everyday to go or do something, and I don't know if it happens to you, but sometimes is boring wearing the same thing over and over again, is just absurd, so i try to change it up a bit and show you guys a few different looks that you can try!

The "Not trying" look/ Simple/ everyday:
This one I think we all know it and we probably all have used at some point in our lives, but this eyeliner look consist on a thin line of the eyeliner all over the eye, preferably the same thickness throughout the eye.

The "Katy Perry" round eye look:
For this one, what you most know is that the liner is thick, but its thickness is bigger on the center of the eyelid, giving your eye a more rounded look, it also works best if you apply eyeliner or dark eyeshadows to the bottom lashes and make it thicker on the middle as well. 

The "Pin Up" Look: 
It references to 1950's look with a "modern twist", this eyeliner look goes from thin to thick to a flick. So basically, thinner on the inside corner of the eye, goes a bit thicker when you drag it to the middle of the eyelid and when you do the flick it should be a bit more thicker on the outside corner of the eye.

The "Feline/Cat" eyeliner look:
This one is all about elongating your eyes, the thickness should stay almost the same throughout the eyelid, but the inner corner should always be the thinnest part of the eyeliner, and the flick should be more elongated than thicker, because, if you "drag" it towards your eyebrow it will make your eyes appear larger and make the more awake.

The "Egyptian/Cleopatra" Eyeliner Look:
Pretty self explanatory, but if you don't know who Cleopatra is, well you probably live with SpongeBob. The trick to this type of look, is that the inner corner is the center of attention, what makes this look is trying to resemble an elongated and "fancy" eye, when you get to the inner corner it should be drag all the way to your tear duct and from there taken to the lower lashline, now the ancestors used to wear the black kohl eyeliner even in the waterline, and if you are comfortable with that go ahead and do it. Even though is not necessary to get the eyeliner all over the eye, you can leave it in the tear duct, or just elongate the inner corner without anything else.

All Around The Eye Eyeliner look:
For this one, you take your eyeliner and place it on your bottom and lower lash line, not into the waterline of the eyes, now if you do this I recommend applying a nude or yellow -ish eyeliner to the waterline, this will brighten your eyes and make them look bigger.

The Graphic Eyeliner Look:
Any look that might have a geometrical or that is not according to the shape of your eye is a graphic look, like Lorde in royals, Katy Perry Dark Horse, and many others this look screams Center of attention, and believe me it does, and if you do it right you'll get the best compliments 

The Double Winged Eyeliner:
Again pretty self explanatory, but this eye look involves two wings in one eye. Now, it really doesn't matter the kind of thickness that you want throughout the lid of your eye, but when you get to almost the end of your eye, do the first wing, next in your bottom lasline should come the second wing. WHY BEFORE IT ENDS? because you should be applying a lighter color to your waterline making it all the way across and separating one wing from the other.  Also, you can make the wing form the bottom lash line go up or go down, as you can see in the picture below.

All Over the Eye Eyeliner Look:
In this look you will need to put the eyeliner in both of your waterlines and on the top and bottom lash lines of your eyes.

The "Grunge/Punk/Bedroom" Eyeliner Look:
For this one look, you do the "all over the" look first and then smudge the top and bottom lash line to get the messy look, and guys, the messier it is, the BETTER it looks :D

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