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Hello Beautiful readers,
Since last time I talked about different eyeliner looks, and talk a little bit about different kinds, I wanted to go deeper in that subject and show you the differences they have for you to learn what you think might work the best with you!

Ok, so basically we all know a "lined" look makes a huge difference, and whether we like it or not, if we do something wrong, it definitely affects the rest of the look. I think the most important thing to remember for any beauty lover out there, is that trying out different products and looks is what makes you realize what you like and what looks best on you, so if you want to help yourself out a little bit, keep on reading!

Liquid Eyeliners

I definitely think this is the easiest one to start with, easy to use and to carry for any touch-ups.
As you can probably tell, there are different types of liquid eyeliners, some of the look like a pen, some are more "fancy looking" when it comes to packing, but what really changes the most, is the applicator they might have.

Before getting into their applicators i do believe is important to understand the difference between the packing, as you can see the first is a pen, the second one is a tiny bottle, and the third one is, a pen, again. Now the difference between them varies on the grip they have, it is easier to hold a the ones that are like pens, because we are more use to that kind of "feeling", nevertheless the bottled one is easy to use, but you might have to practice a lot more, I'm telling you, and I'm trained for this kind of things.


  • Doe foot or sponge applicators: well, I don't really know what else to say about this one, it is a sponge that keeps the product and then applies it to wherever you want. It really depends on the thickness of the sponge, that's your clue, if it is too thick it is more difficult to work with.

This is the Sleek it eyeliner, the brush in this one goes from thick at the  top and  it "sharpens" to a thinner sponge. In this case, the sponge sometimes is to thick and when you apply it it will make he eyeliner thicker.

This is the Flower On Your Mark Eyeliner, the sponge on this one is the same thickness throughout, so it makes it easier to apply a thin line and then thicken it as you desire.

  • Brush Applicators: self explanatory, is a brush, you can actually see the hair on the brush and it is easier to use, because of it's ability to bend and go thinner or thicker you get a bit more control with it.

This one is a glitter eyeliner, as you can see the brush can "expand"  and it is on your control.

Pencil Eyeliner

  • Mechanical Pencil Liners: they are great for personal use, you don't have to sharpen them, you just twist the bottom and the bar with color (completely blanked on the name :/) comes out and you can apply it to your eyes.

  • Pencil liners: this are the best for makeup artist, if you have to do several people with the same color, you sharpen between clients and they are clean to apply. The sharper the pencil the better for that thin line on your eyes, but remember to round the tip, if not you're going to poke your eye.

Gel or Cream Eyeliners

Probably my favorites out of the bunch, the consistency most of them have is so nice to apply to your eyes, because you can let it set or smudge so easily without hurting your eyes. You need a brush, fine liner brush to apply this product to your eyes.

Finally, they come in many different colors, consistencies, packing, and they range in prices, so you'll have to go out and look for what you feel the most comfortable with, but remember, practice makes perfect!

Good Luck, See you soon!

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