Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Smackdown: Primers

Hello beautiful!
Today's blog is all about the primers that I use on myself and on my clients, and what I think of them.

It ranges from low to high end primers, and let me tell you from all the primers I have tried these and they are the ones that have proven to me they are worth the money and most of them the hype.  It ranges on what  kind of primer I want use, obviously depending on how my skin and my client skin feels like, if they are dry I will use a moisturizing primer, if they are oily I will use a more silicone based primer, so I choose the five that I use almost 99% of the time.

Benefit Porefessional:
One of the best primers for oily skin, the silicone feeling to it makes it so easy to apply and when you apply the foundation it just makes it slide on, so perfect for even application, also this one actually does what it says in the it makes your pores look smaller, and honestly, if you are on a shoot where you are going to have pictures taken really close to your visibly pores, this thing works magic and it is basically like photoshop on real life. It doesn't make my skin or my clients skin oily at all, if applied correctly, you need a tiny bit, for the whole face, so be careful with that, and a cool thing about this primer is that it actually has a tint to it, but it doesn't change your skin color, so don't worry about that!

Smashbox Photo Ready Primer:
This is my favorite to use for both oily and dry skin, just because it is so soft to use and it actually moisturizes the skin but it doesn't make it greasy, so perfect for both, i have used this one when i have a chapped nose (when your sick it kind of starts to peel off because of the lack of moisture and using tissues to remove any... well you know where i'm getting here) and it doesn't stick to my flakiness so it makes my skin look like I'm not sick, and if you are sick i recommend using the purple/lavender shade, it will make your skin go from dull and "dead-ish" to a more blowy and healthy complexion, the one that i use, normally i use it when doing long photo shoots, just because since it is not oily even though is silicone based, it makes my models skin look beautiful throughout the whole shoot. It is a white product but when blended in, it is like your own skin.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer:
Do not recommend this for dry skin, at least not if you have flaky skin, just because it can adhere to the dry patches and when it comes to applying foundation it will not look good at all, so definitely more for the normal, combination and oily skins. By the way, i used this mixed in with foundation or bb cream, depending on the amount of coverage you want, and it will make everything so much easier to apply and it will look gorgeous!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser:
Now, this one has been compared to the smash box and the professional, just because of the  consistency it has, and let me tell you in my professional opinion it is completely different from them.  First of all this consistency is a bit oily, actually erase that from your mind, it is more like applying a serum to your face, and the smash box one feels more like a moisturizer and the porefessional it has a silicone feel to it, while this one feel more oily, nevertheless that doesn't make it will make your skin look oily. Moving on, this one is good for dryer skin, just because of it oiliness, and it also works with oily skin, believe me when i tell it won't make you feel greasy, at least to after you applied the foundation, but you do need to power the skin. the only downside i have found on this primer, is that it doesn't blur or erases my pore, nor my clients, so maybelline you might wanna work on that!

M.A.C Strobe Cream:
Even though this is not a primer per se, and it actually is a moisturizer, this little, beautiful, amazing cream is perfect for applying before foundation, it has shimmers on it, a bit of purple, blue hues of shimmers on it, and when apply under the foundation, makes your skin glow from within, and it shoots beautifully, it is not exactly to make your makeup last longer, but it does help with enhancing your skin.

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