Friday, May 1, 2015

Anastasia Contour Kit Review

Ok, so the last two months or so I have been trying this new palette, I've applied it on myself and on my clients, to make sure I get to see it on different skins and colors.

The ACK comes with six different shades, three of them Highlighters and the other three are contour and bronzing powders. I'm pretty sure the palettes comes in two maybe three different shades, and you can also get the powders individually.

The names of the powders on the top row are: Vanilla, Banana and Sand.
The names of the powders on bottom row are: Java, Fawn, Havana.

To give pointers to this palette, it is amazing, it's not extremely pigmented to where you apply the Banana shade and have a yellow streak down your eyes, but it still covers enough to get a beautiful look to the skin, also you can build the powders, I have done this several times on my clients because it's better to star with little and go all out.


Sand: This is a pink shimmery highlighter, it looks better on pale skin color, but medium toned people can still work it. It is pigmented enough for it to be noticeable, but it's not BOOM! In your face.
Banana: This color is perfect for highlighting the under eye area, the yellow tone makes the darkness of the under eye go away, without it looking gosthly, which can happen with other powders.
Vanilla: This powder as a slight sheen to it, but it still works perfectly to apply to the under eye area, it has a peachy tone, so it is perfect to make yourself look flawless.
Normally I mix Banana and Vanilla to apply underneath my eyes, I find it has the best tone for me, and most of my clients.


Havana: This is the perfect shade of matte to give you a slight bronze to the skin, yet still keeping it matte .
Fawn: Perfect for contouring, this is a color of brown with grey mixed into it that makes the perfect shadow to put underneath your cheekbones.
Java: Great to give contour and make you bronze-y at the same time, I prefer to use this one when I want a more natural conotur on me and my clients, just because it's less grey on the skin.


  1. I saw this kit on my last holiday. I'm gutted I didn't buy it now!
    Vix Meldrew

    1. it is pretty awesome, try to get it at the sephora website! that's where I got it from!