Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bringing Make Up to Costa Rica || Marya Zamora

Ok, so a lot of you have asked me how I order from USA or Europe and get it to Costa Rica, honestly it's pretty simple and easy. A lot of people get scared about it, but honestly it's not scary at all but you do have to be careful!.

So here are my tips:

1. Look around for products that you want or may need, look through the internet there are millions of websites where you can look up reviews of products and see it work, so decide what you want and why you want it.
2. Look for different prices, different opinions on the products, and start saving some money (not necessary) this way, you can have some time deciding what you want.
3. have in mind what you want to buy, it's easier this way since you just go right into what you want and don't get overwhelmed with the amount of products and start buying everything on the website.
4. When it comes to bringing the makeup from USA to C.R, you'll need a locker, actually not necessarily but it is better and more secure,  that way you get free 3 day shipping from most of the websites to the locker and then from the locker it gets to C.R, normally they charge the weight of the box where your products are in and the prices depends on the weight obviously.
here are some of the ones I use!


5. From Europe to C.R, normally I get the product directly to Costa Rica, because it gets more expensive if I get to USA, so that is where Correos de Costa Rica comes in handy, it lasts longer, probably, but it still secure (at least I haven't got in any trouble).

So, yeah, those are my tips, check the video because I say a lot more things about this topic, anyway I hope you like it!.

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