Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting healthy, my path to a different lifestyle with Tone It Up! #Toneitup #TIUChallenge

Today is the day, that was my first thought when I woke up this morning, yesterday, will on Sunday I subscribed to Tone It Up, I bought the bundle and several different Nutrition Plans they have. For a while I've been doing their exercises videos on Youtube, and to be honest they have really helped me, and I have changed a little bit, didn't really loose weight because I wasn't on a diet, but now, everything is going to change, you know the quote "New year, New you", well that's kind of my motto for this year, I want to really change, not just say it or do it because I'm told to. 

Since I'm still waiting for the Bundle, I have already started with the exercise and the Nutrition plan, I'm really excited about it, maybe is the fact that I'm actually doing it, even if it is one day, or the fact that no one had to tell me I needed to loose weight, which to be completely real with you, it normally happens every freaking day in my house; my mom and my dad, god bless them, think the best way to get me to loose weight is to keep telling me that I'm overweight, which by the way, it doesn't help me in anyway and it actually makes me angry and I tend to eat more. So I keep telling them to back off, but they actually never listen. 

Here's the thing, I've been watching them (TIU TEAM) for a while now, and I have always loved their bubbly personalities and energy they show on camera, that has always really attracted me to their videos and web page, finally I decided to join and see the community. The girls supporting each other, incredible changes and many other things that I've looked for but never really found. Today I got to download all the exclusive workouts and nutrition plans that I bought, and it is a little overwhelming probably because I bought all of them, but the way they describe the workouts, the videos, the recipes (to die for) everything makes me excited about the challenge, about the fact that I can actually change my life, also, reading their stories, Karena and Katrina, the drugs, the chubby little girl, it made me relate to them (I don't do drugs, lets just get that out there) in more ways than one. It made me loved them even more, it made me want to change for the best, like they did.

Now, one of the things that I love about TIU is the community, the way everyone is there for each other, sharing pictures, recipes, dreams, goals, I loved it! one of the things the girls say to you is to promise yourself "something that your heart feels and wants", and to write it down, also they tell you to set your 5 goals for the challenge, so I'm writing them down, now, because I might forget...
  • Since I can remember, I've always been overweight, I've tried around 100 different diets, shakes, and everything in between and nothing has really work in making me change for real, so what I really want is to GET HEALTHY, yep you guessed it, making a lifestyle, a healthy one, not for my parents, not for a guy (btw, I don't think you should change for anyone) I just want to do it for me, to get a better and longer life, to get confident, I want to see myself in a mirror put on a bikini and not been afraid or ashamed of myself, I want to be happy on my own skin, I want to follow my dreams, and to do it, I need time, and self confidence, loving myself, which in the weight and unhealthy lifestyle I'm on, I'm not going to get there anytime, so that is my promise, changing the unhealthy freaking lifestyle that I'm on to a Healthy lifestyle, by basically loving myself.
For goals:
  • Get better in physical ways, get more exercise in, maybe not just that but to get a better physical... something I forgot the word, but you now, basically get my ass out of the couch and get moving.
  • loose weight, loads of it, but I'll probably do more than one challenge to actually do it.
  • Get confidence, sometimes when I'm exercising I don't feel good, because the clothes don't fit me, I'm out of breathe, I want to change that, also, the way I feel when I look at myself or a picture or anything...
  • I want to learn how to eat healthy.
  • Actually doing the exercises, all of them, pushing myself to the limit, I think that's the biggest one! 

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