Saturday, January 2, 2016

Marya Zamora Rewind of 2015

So last year was full with incredible, sad, awesome, heartbreaking situations, of stupid mistakes and other things, most of them good and the others, well you get to learn from them.

2015 for me was the year of getting confident, getting to know myself in was that I didn't know I could and moving forward in ways that I normally don't do.

Ok so to start of January, I met this awesome band Moonlight Dub Xperiment, they are a pretty big band, that is a reggae dub mixed with other different styles, I started working with them, but by October I was already out of the band, either way I liked spending time with them, and i got to learn a thing or two, talking about bands; the one band that've stayed with they are called Evolet, and they are an indie-rock band, which is more my style, and to be honest the concerts with them, they are pretty awesome!

In a career perspective, when it comes to makeup, well I had the incredible experience of being in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week San José, here in Costa Rica, by obviously being one of the makeup artists, I got to meet incredible people, and I got to experience something I never had before. Also I just finished my career, well the classes, now I only have the practical part of it but it will only last for four months, so that's cool.

And to my incredible surprise I hit 300 Subscribers on my English Channel Marya Zamora YT Channel, which was my goal for 2015, and that made me so happy and I cried like the little baby that I am, so Thank you for giving me the gift of enjoying sharing my life with you guys!

When it comes to a personal level, well a lot of thing happened, realising that some part of me grew form the little insecure little girl and no it only cares about what I want to do with myself and if I want to get better, it's my own decision no matter who and why they are telling me what the hell to do with my body. My own promise, self confidence, fat shaming

Another happy thing that happened to me, was definitely getting in acting class, I've met so many amazing people from that class and I'm so happy to have them in my life. Also most of them became really good friends with me and we've had an incredible time getting to know each other and working in things like the pop art zombie pictures!

When it comes to my family, happy and sadness hit us in every single way, one of my uncles got cancer, and to be honest the worst thing about it was seeing my mom cry, she was devastated, but thankfully he came through and recovered, pray he doesn't get it back.

But form the really sad part, that to be honest I didn't know how to handle it, my grandfather died, he had cancer too, but he didn't survive it, again seeing my father cry was the worst part, look I know it sounds bad, but my grandpa, with he's loving and careful ways, he was gone, there's nothing I could do about it, but my dad, hey seeing your parents and any member of your family cry, believe me it will crush your soul. I just pray my grandpa is happy and watching over, with the rest of the members that are gone.

To be real, happiness was everywhere this year, even in the sad moments, there was always a silver lining, a way for us, for me to learn and discover new things, new ways of doing, control and confronting situations, that no matter how hard they were, they made grow and become the 23 year old that I am now, so Thank You 2015, for giving the experiences that I needed to become a better person, to make me grow as a human being, to fight for what I believe in and for giving me another 365 days to enjoy, 2016, bitch I hope this year, I'll fulfil a lot of my dreams!

I hope you guys have an incredible 2016 and as my life motto says: "Dream without limits, Keep moving forward, Love Yourself First" (yes, I didn't invented them)

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