Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love and Friendship Day!

I think for a lot of us single girls and boys around the world, sometimes, maybe we don't feel the greatest this time of the year, because normally we see everyone that is on a relationship rave about it, but I think that's why I prefer to keep calling it Love and FRIENDSHIP Day rather than Valentine's Day, besides one of my friends has his Birthday on that same day, so I won't have to spend the whole day wandering where my other half is... so you don't have to feel that way either, it doesn't matter if your spending your day alone, do what I used to (basically I celebrate Halloween TWICE a year, ha ha) watch a scary movie, eat some popcorn and go take a bath, and find the best way to relax and give a little love to yourself!

Okay, so since "Valentine's Day" or as I prefer to call it L&F Day, is just around the corner (BTW, in most Latin American countries we celebrate love and friendship day) I decided to give you a few tips on what to do to get ready for a date, what to do if your spending your time alone, and some advice about getting through this day (sometimes is hard)...

I'm gonna get a little personal here and tell you a little bit about my story...
So, my one and only "boyfriend" "asked" me to be his girlfriend on exactly February 14th, and you know I had baked him cupcakes with little hearts on top of them... so I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this day. Two years have passed by and I can't believe how much I've grown from that, because it wasn't a good relationship, but it still hits me (on the face, with a slap) the fact that I'm single, and that every single guy I like, likes a different girl, they don't like me, I'm friend zone, or just not interested in a relationship. To be completely honest I really like being single, I get to concentrate on my career, my blog, YouTube, and I don't have to spend money on someone else that is not me (YAY!), but sometimes I do wander when I'm going to find that "special" someone, but I'm not worried about it, because right know my mind is set on getting my life on track, my career where I wanted, and I still don't know if I want to get married.. so, yeah you don't have to feel bad about being single, it's pretty awesome!

Moving on to the specific topic of this blog, the first part: Getting ready for a Date.

  1. Plan ahead you date. Decide what you want to do, something really cool like go karts or something chill like a picnic in the park.
  2. Pick your outfit accordingly to what you are going to do, fancy dinner, movie date, theater whatever it is, some places are for heels and fancy dresses, other are for flats and cool t-shirts.
  3. Give him/her something special. I'm a HUGE believer in handmade presents and hand written letters, I'm really good at writing my feelings (actually better at writing them than telling them), and in the past the reaction of my friends and other people to my letters has been incredible! So try it out and if you don't want to write a letters there are plenty of DIY ideas on the Internet to try out! But always something hand made with a special meaning (like an inside joke) is always something cool to add.
  4. Enjoy the date!

Second topic of the blog: What to do if your spending it alone.

Hey, really don't feel bad. There's a saying in Costa Rica that goes something like this: "It's better to be alone than with bad company" which basically sums up why we're single right?  ha ha. OK, now for real this time. Spending time with yourself might be one of the greatest things in the world, I've always love spending time alone, because even when I'm alone I've never felt lonely so I'm OK with it and so should you. You know what, one of the things you can do is watch my videos on YouTube and subscribe, that'd be great by the way.

Make a list of things you want in your life, like a big house and awesome job, where you want to live, and describe why you want those things (and what exactly you want in each one), think about your hopes and dreams, how to achieve them, get a plan set up in your head about how to get something you want. I don't know if it's just me, but I love when I write down things that I want to do and somethings a little rough sketch of how I'm going to get them, maybe it's just me I'm a little weird.

Catch up with some reading whether your reading a book ( I recommend #GIRLBOSS, Bossy pants, Are you there vodka it's me, Chelsea; Game of Thrones, any Stephen King books, I've got some reviews here for you to check out!) or a blog or listening to books on Audible, like Yes Please.

I honestly don't think any of us are going to have a lot of time, some of us work and study, or just study... procrastinate, mostly.. and most of us only have the night to have time for ourselves so, that's why I didn't put a lot of things to do. BTW, you don't necessarily have to spend time alone, go out with your friends (single friends preferably) a girls night out or guys night out never hurts anybody, or do a slumber party, I know I'm 22 years old but having a slumber party at this age is one of the best things ever, if you feel fancy make some tapas and drink some wine, or beer and wings, hummus, pita and some beverages, it's simple is easy and you get to catch up with your friends without the whole "I have to be cute to go out thing", or you can go dancing, bowling, karaoke night, skating night, paintball fight or laser tag night with your Friends, a feel good activity is all you need.

Last but not least, my advice on getting through this day. 

Look I know is not everyone that has a love/hate relationship with this day, but I do, so I'm writing this part for myself and probably for someone out there that has the same relationship that I do. As I said before, that relationship wasn't good and when I needed him the most he ran away, so bye bye don't let the door hit ya' on your way out.. but on this freaking day I'm reminded of what that was like, and thanks to that I've discover a few of the thing that I don't like on guys, and what I actually want on a relationship.

Being single is not a bad thing, right know I don't feel like I can have a relationship, I've discover things about myself that I'm worried about and I need to get my life back on track, by myself and with some help from my family, anyway... single is the state of mind that I have had for a while now and I'm happy with it, I feel good and for the moment I feel complete (at least in the love segment of my life) I'm still trying to find my way, and having someone with me right know is not going to help me get there is just going to distract me. I know a lot of you probably went :O when I said that I still don't know if I want to get married and is not because I don't believe in love because I do, way to much, but for the moment I don't feel like is the "thing" for me and no, is not because I want to be sleeping around with everyone, it's honestly because I feel like I'm not really the family type of girl, at least not right know, maybe when I get older I will but right know I'm running away from it. It's not because of my age, I have some friends and some other girls around my circles, that you can see they want to get married as soon as they can and have kinds and be the working-housewife-mother type, but I just don't feel that's for me. I think someday I'll change my mind, and I hope I do, and right know, being single, figuring myself out, getting where I want to get in life, I feel like that's what I'm supposed to do, so yeah... YAY FOR US SINGLE PEOPLE!!!

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